What the term biomass means:

Biomass is biological material derived from living, or recently living organisms. In the context of biomass for energy the term usually means producing heat by burning plant materials such as wood, straw or vegetable waste materials.

Reasons to use biomass:

Biomass is a renewable, low carbon fuel that is widely available throughout the UK. With efficiency over 90% and the ability to burn a range of readily available fuels, biomass boilers have become a realistic option when it comes to supplying heating and hot water on the farm or estate. Keeping a series of buildings such as a farmhouse and cottages warm during the winter, or effectively maintaining a poultry shed at an optimum temperature has become expensive. With the cost of fossil fuels continually increasing more and more farmers and landowners are recognising the benefits of biomass boilers to provide a cost-effective heating solution.

Correctly managed, biomass is a sustainable fuel that can deliver a significant reduction in net carbon emissions when compared with fossil fuels.

Stoves & boilers:

The simplest way of using biomass for energy is by burning it. Doing so in an enclosed space in which the airflow is restricted is more efficient than burning it in the open. This enclosure can be used to provide heat for the room it stands in (a stove) or, by heating water and pumping it through pipes to provide heat to barns, grain dryers or cottages. Heat can be provided to several buildings from the same boiler, this is termed ‘district heating’.

Boilers are available to suit any farm business, poultry sheds, estate buildings, large houses, golf clubs and hotels. Not only are they 90% efficient, they also have a lifespan of over 20 years so prove a very worthwhile investment as part of an energy management programme. Aeolus Power (Biomass) will identify your heating needs so that the biomass boiler system installed matches your requirements.

Topling Biomass Energy Systems

Aeolus Power Biomass Limited offers wide range of low maintenance biomass fuelled boiler and stoker products from Topling. This allows us to offer complete heating solutions from boiler supply, through domestic, district, commercial and industrial heating systems to grain drying and livestock care.

The Topling systems range in output from 15kW to 2,000kW and they provide the opportunity to utilise a broad range of biomass fuel sources including pellets, wood, waste wood and straw. It is also possible to combine traditional fuel sources such as logs, briquettes and electricity with wood pellets or grain in one boiler system.

For over 20 years Topling has been committed to sustainable energy.  The exceptional design and build qualities, high standards of installation and consistent attention to detail has made them a leader in the European market place.  We offer Topling biomass systems that are tailor-made to suit the needs of each individual farm, business, community, hotel or home.